Crazy Craigslist Deal – Mint 1982 Porsche 928 for $8,000

Porsche 928 bargain

As of October 30th 2017, we found a Porsche 928 on Craigslist selling for $8,000 with 64,000 miles and a clean title. What?!?

Porsche 928 prices have been shooting up in value lately, making this opportunity even more compelling. The stratospheric rise of the water-cooled 911 prices has caused collectors and Porsche enthusiasts to look to other models to get their fix. According to Hagarty, the average Porsche 928 is selling for $14,000. Furthermore, a quick search on Autotrader reveals this is the least expensive Porsche 928 in the nation with under 75,000 miles.

Car info

According to the owner, “all power stuff works including seats and sunroof.” In addition, the interior is apparently a “9/10” despite some dash curling. Mechanically, it will need a volt meter and oil pressure sending unit. None of this sounds too alarming for a car that is now 35 years old. See the original post here, which has contact information.

Bargain Porsche 928
Bargain Porsche 928
Bargain Porsche 928

Want it in your garage?

The car is located in Murray, KY so you’ll need to coordinate an inspection and shipping. That isn’t as difficult as it might sound. Many local repair shops will do a full car inspection for $100 or less and take credit card payments over the phone. Find the ones with the highest rating on Yelp. Also see this helpful list of auto shipping company reviews from Consumer Affairs.

Additionally, before buying any car, make sure you do your due diligence! Order a car fax report and have a detailed discussion about the car with the garage that does the inspection.

Good luck all!!! Want more of these types of posts? Let us know in the comments below.

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